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I Go Traveling IX / The Sojourner 2010 旅行九 /遠行的人 2010 4/3~2011 1/2 Solo exhibition / Missing person flyers, Performances,Discassions,video-documentation/Multiple places/TAIWAN

2010 I Go Traveling (IX)/ The Sojourner
2010我去旅行(九)/ 遠行的人

Missing Person Notice
I am missing an intimate friend. One day in late 2009, she left on a quest in search of art and hasn’t been seen since. She has no distinguishing characteristics, but she leaves copies of these questionnaires, the writing of which is possibly now very blurred, wherever she goes. My friend contacts everybody who fills out one of them, so if and when she contacts you, please tell her that I am looking for her.
Tang Huang-Chen

In April of 2009, after having been involved in cultural and social movements for a number of years, I started to come in contact with and promote the “artist union”. The first questions that I worked on were both simple and basic. People, both artists and non-artists, ask, “What is an artist?”, “Am I an artist?”, and “Why or why not?” Especially the issue of defining professional artists and their work is like an inexplicably chaotic fog. For artists, this sensitive delineation is an echo that needs to be responded to throughout life; for the general public, it’s a debate in which with both sides go at it forever. The questions, however, are “Do artists truly exist?”, “If I am an artist, then what kind of state do ‘I’ exist in?”, “Can it be described?”, and “Can it be understood using the language of society?” “Or can it only be captured to a small extent by art itself?”

Because of the difficultly of these questions, I needed to go on another journey to completely escape from myself so that I could truly find myself. It isn’t known where the traveler went, but she might remember the quest for the answer to this puzzle. If she contacts you, please tell her that I am looking for her.

問卷 Questionnaire

我是藝術家 為什麼
Am I an artist? Why?
我不是藝術家 為什麼
Am I not an Artist? Why not?
人人都是藝術家 為什麼
Everyone is an artist. Why?
不是人人都是藝術家 為什麼
Not everyone is an artist. Why not?
藝術家是一個工作 為什麼
Being an artist is a type of work. Why?
藝術家不是一個工作 為什麼
Being an artist is not a type of work. Why not?
藝術家在工作 為什麼
Artists work. Why?
藝術家從不在工作 為什麼
Artists never work. Why not?

你是誰 Who are you?
你的職業 What is your work?
聯絡方法 How to contact you:

湯皇珍 2010旅行九/遠行的人 計畫執行
2010 Travel IX/The Sojourner
Project implementation

First, missing person ads are to be placed and missing person flyers put up. Locations that are very similar are to be chosen to carry the missing person ads, i.e., newspaper classified sections. Missing person flyers should be delivered primarily to art-oriented venues.

After the missing person flyers are published, questionnaires will start appearing in the art-oriented venues to which the flyers were delivered. Furthermore, venues that participate in this project and are listed below will be asked to help in having the questionnaires filled out: They can set aside a small area with one table and one chair.

After a questionnaire is filled out, the “sojourner” will take the initiative to contact individuals who have filled out questionnaires and to make arrangements to videotape a “dialectical Artist Union.” Arrangements can be made to tape anywhere in Taiwan, depending on times and locations that persons filling out questionnaires and the “sojourner” find convenient.

September, October—tapes, recordings of questionnaires and letters between the one in search for the “sojourner” and the “sojourner.” to be displayed

四月 4/3-25視盟
五月 5/7-30台北當代藝術中心
七月 7/6-8/1台北當代館
八月 8/3-29牯嶺街小劇場
九月 9/4-30竹圍工作室
Major art-oriented venues which are hoped to provide help with the questionnaires:
April—Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan
May—Taipei Contemporary Arts Center
August-Guling St Avant-Garde Theater
September-Bamboo Curtain Studio &Taipei Contemporary Arts Center

十月 宜蘭楊世芳紀念館〈歲月他鄉〉、洪建全文教基金會〈我去旅行九/遠行的人記錄展〉
Documentary exhibitions:
From October—
Yang Shih-fang Memorial Hall (Ilan)
Hong’s Foundation for Education & Culture(Taipei)

December─Inauguration of the Artist Union












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