1991-1996 Paperboat Tainan-1 女性創作的力量 1994 6/05
Group exhibition/ action/ New Phase Space/ Tainan

Huang-chen Tang, April 1994

Before the performance:
1)Sheets of paper are first soaked in sugar water and then left to dry
2)Bench originally provided in the exhibition area for visitor
3)use Wei Sheng sugar cubes

The artist sits on the left hand bench, folding the paper into boats. Each completed boat is dropped through the gap between the wooden strips that make up the bench. The artist then moves to the right hand bench, where she takes a" Wei Sheng "sugar cube from under it, placing it on top of the right hand bench. This action is repeated one-for-one until the original material has been used up.

After the performance:
Rest bench area, Pillar Entrance.

湯皇珍 台南摺船計畫一



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