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Boating, In the Name of Madness-I am another I 以瘋癲為名之船-我是他人 2007 7/16~30 7/29 Action 2008 1/5~31 1/12 1/19 1/26 Performances& video-documentation/ 鹽分地帶文化館與洪建全覓空間/Tainan & Taipei

Self-searching through Madness State--“Boating, In the Name of Madness---I am another I”,
Action by Tang Huang-Chen
放逐行動: 7/16-30 2007
Date of Action: July 16 ~30, 2007
讀劇: 7/29 2007
Script public reading: July 29, 2007
隔離地點: 台南縣將軍鄕漚汪鹽分地帶文化館
Site for exile: A private provincial cultural center in Au-wan area, Tainan
行動記錄展出: 1/5-31 2008
Documentary Showing of Action: January 5 ~ 31, 2008
文本演繹演出: 1/12 1/19 1/26 2008
Stage performance: January 12, 19, and 26, 2008
展演地點 : 洪建全教育文化基金會
Venue for Documentary Showing & performance:
Hong’s Foundation for Education and Culture

「以瘋癲為名之船」借用社會學、心理醫學研究的一則實例:十四世紀處置瘋人的方式:將其驅離於船,罪以放逐之命定,這些瘋人之船遂展開經年不許靠岸的漂流。這也是傅科〈Michel Foucault〉「瘋癲與文明」論述的濫觴,由此發展近代極具顛覆性的哲學觀點。
" Boating, In the Name of Madness " is based on a historical example from the fields of sociology and psychology. In the 14th century insane people were dealt with in the following way: they were placed on a boat and banished, left to drift in the water and not allowed to come back, thus begins years of endless alienation. This was the backdrop of the argument made in Michel Foucault’s book, “Madness and Civilization”, which brought to frequent dialectic debates in contemporary philosophy.

Tang Huang-Chen invited six participants from different cultural background and professions: Tzou Chi-mu 鄒之牧 (theatrical arts critic), Lin Nai-wen 林乃文(playwright/ theatre director), Chan Su-Ling 詹淑齡(art administrator), Wei Chi-mei 韋啟美(video art artist), Fan Yan-nuan 范晏暖(visual arts teacher ), Yeh Tzu-chi 葉子啟(performing artist) to take part in a 14-day self exile, and collectively created a draft of a play that would later be acted out and performed. " Boating, In the Name of Madness "challenges the 21st century, seeking alternatives from the “civilization” dominated by media, visual communication, digital techniques, and aims to touch base through personal experience with individual and collective ways of cognition, communication, ideology, and aspects of human nature.

曾評述傅科的當代哲學家德勒茲〈GillesDeleuze〉主張在「我」與「我」之間的間縫進行解構縫合。當絕對的認知主體─「我」,遭逢詭異的客體─那個環繞我的社會處於真偽、虛實、黑白的莫辨與沉默之時,「認知主體的我」再也不能辨明那個「被環繞的我」,於是「我」質詢懷疑「我」:一個是行動的「思想的我〈我思〉」另一個是被動的「變幻的我〈我是〉」,唯有當「我是 被當作為「一個他人」,那時「我思」才能啟動。兩個我「又切又縫」,不斷震盪挪移,製造了動力、昏旋以及思考的產生。在「瘋人船」上的「他人」,也許正是「我是」的「一個他人」,穿過時間與隔離,藝術在已被認知瘋癲的國度裡再次航向一個可能更加瘋癲或清醒的極地,個人亦復如是。
Contemporary philosopher Gilles Deleuze, who had written abundantly about Foucault, advocates deconstruction and reconstruction the differences between the “Selves”〈 between "I" and "I" 〉. When the absolute cognitive subject, “Self”, encounters the obscure object--- the Self surrounded by a society immersed in the ambiguity of truth and false, reality and vanity, and right and wrong, the “cognitive subject Self” no longer be able to recognize the “surrounded Self”. Therefore, the “Self” is questioning the “Self”; except that one is the active “thinking Self, I think”, and the other is the passive “changing Self, I am”〈one is an active "thinking I, 'I think'" and the other is the passive "changeable I 'I am.'"〉.Only when “I am” be taken as “the other”, can “I think” be finally activated. Constant changes and dangling between the cuts and sewing of the two “Selves” eventually create dynamics, dazzles and possibility for thinking. The “Other” on the “Ship of Fools” on the other hand is the “Another I” to the “I am”. Thus we can say that, amidst the realm of condemned madness, through time and confinement art set sails again, to a polar region that can be reaching greater sanity and madness, with the individual in the exact same situation.

The project was first drafted in June of 2006. Despite painstaking search, there was neither way to find a boat with 6-person capacity, nor any route good for 14-day navigation within the Taiwan Island. The site for confinement therefore was forced to be transferred to islands outside Taiwan, even as far as Venus. However, government regulations and remote distance made Taiwan’s offshore islands as well as Venice’s lagoon an impossible dream. In despair, an image and coincidence emerged. The private cultural center in Au-wan area erects in great lands of green fields like a boat on the sea! It was made possible by the ideal driven Mr. Lin Jin-huei林金悔 with his fellow citizens after decades of selfless efforts. It is designed the first building into a classroom and exhibition halls and the building behind into a library, office, living room and there is also an out-door garden; even equipped with a rooftop platform where one can climb up and look out---just like a base for children to have adventures. People's dreams and their passion for culture can seem like a kind of Madness.

Thus, the Ship of Fools surfs on rocks. The waves arrive only through dreams!

Those participating in the documentary were filmed at three time slots: breakfast hour, script development meeting, and 20 minutes before bedtime. In the 14th day of the action (July 29) the site was open to the public, and a script reading to the public was taken place. Separate exhibition of the whole project is to be held in January of 2008, including formal stage performances from the script, and video recordings taken during this Action in Tainan.







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