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I Go Traveling Ⅲ/IT Vacation 〈我去旅行三/千禧伊通逍遙遊〉2000 2/19~3/18
Solo exhibition / installation/ IT Park Gallery/Taipei

IT Vacation (I Go Traveling III)

時間:02/19-03/18 2000
Tang Huang-chen Solo Exhibition
Location: IT Park Gallery
Time: Feb 19-March 18, 2000

Those who like to travel tend to have an innate ability to roam in places that were not intended for that purpose.

These individuals have a playful disposition and distinctive vision that allows them to link together in their minds things with no apparent relationship and to find some rational human imperative that makes roaming necessary. Of course, it is best if the clues, pathways, landscapes and atmosphere of such travel journals are filled with a sprinkling of the artist’s preferences, because that infuses the action with a sense of peeking at the behavior of others whilst having them peek right back at us. It would be best if everyone recorded their travels on a daily basis. Leaving, seeking, yearning, lost, rootless, courageous, free, melancholic, indulgent, these are all words that can be used to both praise and curse people who chooses to roam.

“IT Vacation” is clearly the arrangement of a journey – three weeks in duration. All the numerals, data, diaries, messages, numbers, landscape photographs, map guides and travel videos left behind by older travelers wait in space for the entry of new travelers and a lottery raffle type game, allowing you to experience the unique and boundless absurdity of a happy holiday.

When travel writings become the most popular books, cell phones ring constantly and one has a never-ending list of E-mails, there occurs a clash of private and public space that makes taking a “vacation” something absolutely essential in our modern world.

January 29, 2000

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