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350Action ( International Day of Climate Action ) 350行動(國際氣候日行動)2007 10/24 11:30
Solo Exhibiton / Action /BIO Farm of Pudong / Shanghai /China

350 ACTION at BIOFarm
Brief report:
On 350 Day at BIOFarm, the artist (Ms. Huang-Chen Tang), 4 invited families (9 adults and 7 children), several
friends, all BIOFarm workers (41 persons), and our farm dog ( her name is Shai-Hu)participated a special Water
Speedwriting Action Art. Seeing the fatigue of the water-print “350” from the wall, everyone realized how easy to let
go what we have, as how weak our planet is. We further used damaged organic vegetable leaves and roots which are
expected to make compost to draw our own organic 350 impression on paper. All signed and pledged to take action of reducing carbon dioxide at one’s best.

350 –Art ACTION :
Time:24 October 2009 , 11:30AM start recording and performance
Place:BIOFarm, 8019, Chuan-Sha Rd. Liu Tuan, Pudong, Shanghai
Performers:Artist ( TANG, Huang-Chen); BIOFarmers with Farm Dog-SaiHu; & invited guests

350 ACTION Art at BIOFarm (by Tang Huang-Chen)
Water at BIOFarm is the basic element of cultivating various creatures. By water speedwriting of the logo “350” on the wall, as an instant performance under a team work, no rehearsal, we showed the audients a fatigue of image but a rooting recall from heart. From such an Action Art to the re-thinking of and discussion between the audients, we are ready to take action together to protect our world in risk now!.

Artist : TANG, Huang-Chen, Born in Taipei (TAIWAN),living and working in TAIWAN, graduated from Department of Fine Arts ,National Taiwan Normal University, and later from the Department of Plastic Arts, University of Paris-Ⅷ Saint-Denis . After returning to Taiwan in the early 1990s, she has been involved in numerous exhibitions and performances, including the award-winning series-“I Go Traveling“. Tang tends to position herself in the absurd instability of time and space as a way of impacting people’s thinking. Thought mainly defined as a performance artist. Tang also devotes herself to theatrical works as mise-en- scene, scenario and performer; she has cooperated with Taitung Theater, Critical Point Theater Phenomenon among others. In addition as an active promoter of the arts, Tang participated in the initiative to found the Huashan Art District.

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