1999-2012 Taishin Arts Award -I Go Traveling Ⅴ/A Postcard with Scenery (Taiwan) 第四屆台新藝術大獎

視覺藝術類決審團評審:廖仁義、范迪安、Robert STORR、Hiroshi MINAMISHIMA、陳泰松

2005 TAISHIN ARTS AWARD Jury’s Comments
by Final Selection Jury:Jen-i LIAO、Di-an FAN、Robert STORR、Hiroshi MINAMISHIMA、Tai-sang CHEN

Huang –Chen TANG uses personal journeys as the subject matter of her work in an attempt to foreground the illusiveness of memory and history. She thus subtly expresses the duality of reality and fiction when personal actions are transformed into collective memory. In terms of overall gender difference in society, Tang’s position also shows a great deal of significance.

這件作品實現了Joseph Beuys 所說的「社會雕塑」,藝術形式存在於想像,也存在於想像與想像之間所作虛構記憶的交換。
Tang’s work realizes what Joseph Beuys called a “social sculpture” The art form exists in the imagination and in the exchange of an invented memory between imaginations.

TANG has always consciously held an introspective attitude towards the mainstream discourse in contemporary art community in Taiwan. In her we see not only an artist’s autonomy in such a discourse environment, but her sincerity and seriousness toward art creation.



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