1999-2012 Orange Marble (Taiwan-Canada )〈橘玻璃珠—加拿大與台灣交流展〉 2001 2/24-3/31
Group exhibition / Hua-Shan Art District / Taipei



Green Bubbles 2001
Exchange programs? What is exchange? The exchange exhibition happens in the decaying atmosphere of Hua-Shan’s abandoned warehouse. Exchange should be like making wine; it needs fermenting for a certain period of time. The wine factory is a site for programmed fermenting. Sound, images, narrative,, signs, and information all float like intermediates in consciousness and in time and space. They are not clear, but seem to be fermenting. The Taiwan art world’s struggle for the Hua-Shan Art District epitomizes the immense amount of dreams and imagination, and so does our perception of Canada as a place. Whether in traveling or in exchange with heterogynous others, artists usually are inclined to mixtures and the futility of choice. The exhibition space is made into a maze which looks like a whirlpool as well. At the center of the maze is a light box on which the viewer can vaguely see an obscure bubble. The sound of a water, directional signs, landscape photos of Canada , and the post-industrial atmosphere of Hua-Shan are interwoven into a site of fermentation. This embodies Tang’s idea of exchange.







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